Dustin and Rod Kauffman - Reedsville, PA

Dustin and Rod Kauffman owners of Zimmerman Step Up Milking Parlor
The Kauffmans of Woodedge Farm installed an 8 stall Zimmerman Step-up parlor in 2009. Along with their son Dustin, they milk 110 cows 2X. Milking time is 2 hours 20 minutes with one operator.

“We found that it is easier to train a first calf heifer to enter our Zimmerman Step-up parlor than it was to get them into a tie stall for the first time. Since installing a Zimmerman Step-up Parlor several years ago, we have learned to appreciate the ease with which cows enter and exit. We like being in a position where we can observe our cows while they are in the holding pen. Since we put the Step-up parlor in, we find it easier to detect heats.“

We don't miss having to carry milker units around the barn, and this system is a lot easier on our knees!